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OpenStax CNX is an educational content repository and management system optimized for the delivery of quality educational material. Founded in 1999, OpenStax CNX broke ground as one of the world's first Open Educational Resources. The open source platform is provided and maintained by OpenStax, which is based at Rice University, a private research university in Houston, Texas.

OpenStax CNX was founded on the belief that academic and educational material can and should be made freely available to all and that it should be continuously added to and utilised. The educational content is provided by a broad range of volunteers, including many university professors, and features thousands of textbooks and journal articles.

Featuring learning material across all third level disciplines, OpenStax CNX has teamed with Alison to produce a series of courses focusing on workplace and skills training. These courses have been produced to provide and hone skills that will allow learners to thrive in the workplace and increase their employability.

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