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Diploma in Customer Service - Revised 2017

This free online diploma course teaches you how to provide excellent customer service when dealing with the public.

Publisher: Openstax CNX
This course explores the customer service skills fundamental to any successful business venture. You need to master communicating and collaborating effectively with your customers to turn one-time visitors into life-long patrons. People remember how they were treated by a business more sharply than they recall products so customer service can make or break an organization. Sign up to add this valuable skill to your professional portfolio.
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Do you know that there are five basic needs facing customers? This training course teaches you how to meet each one. We examine the key elements of customer service, including the ‘six essential actions of excellent customer service’ and the ‘5 Ps’ (‘people, products, policies, procedures and places’) of customer service. Businesses must provide excellent customer service to create long-term growth and this course shows you how to keep clients satisfied.

People working in the public sector and hospitality and retail industries face hundreds of customers with different personalities every day. This course delves into the specifics of customer service across these fields. We discuss the types of customers found in each, the philosophies that can guide you to success and the important role played by customer service managers

This diploma course can benefit retail staff, hospitality workers and public servants who want to become more adept at providing friendly and competent customer service. We can also help business managers, owners and entrepreneurs who want to implement effective customer service programmes in their organizations. Sign up to learn the secrets of excellent customer service and take the next step in your career.

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