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Customer Services

Learn about the role customer service plays and how it is vital to a business’s success in this free online course.

Publisher: NuYew
We often hear that “The customer is king” and this Customer Services free online course covers the concept of customer service in-depth. You will learn how to measure service standards as well as the various personal skills required in order to deliver excellent customer service and resolve customer queries. Ensure that you exceed a high-level of customer experience with this free online Customer Services course.
Customer Services
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Customer service plays a critical role in today's business world. Just about every organization has realized how important customer service is and many have begun to find ways to evaluate and strategically improve customer service. This free online course will teach you why effective customer service plays such an essential role in a business' success. You will explore the skills involved in dealing with customers, customer complaints and the legal and ethical duties of customer service personnel. Management is important to sustaining and improving the quality of service in the long-term and understanding and this customer services course discusses what this involves and how to use it to your benefit and that of your customers. The role of statutory bodies in managing issues between customers and businesses is also analyzed along with guidance for best practices.

You will then learn about customer types, -needs, -wants, measuring service standards and the difference between consumers and customers. The course goes on to discuss the concept of mystery shopper programs and the ways in which customer opinions influence product and service evolvement. Customer service workers use a range of resources and technology to recognize the needs and wants of customers and often need to be able to multi-task easily and efficiently, manage their time and network with team members. You will be taught the personal skills needed in delivering customer service excellence which include managing negativity and stress and working effectively in a team. Customer support professionals must develop the expertise to evaluate situations effectively, establish empathy, defuse anger and collaborate with a diverse range of customers from diverse cultural backgrounds; all of which are detailed as you work through this free online course material. You will gain an understanding of the procedures needed to resolve customer queries and complaints in a respectful way as well as the role of auditing, compliance and legislation, with a particular focus on customer relationships. Some other essential themes covered are the concept of money laundering and how this affects business and the advancement of social networks including the issues around user data privacy. 

Whether you are a customer service worker and would like to improve your skills or a customer service manager needing to enhance your organization or department’s customer service offering, enrol for this free online course today.

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