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Alison’s vision is to be the world’s leading provider of free high quality knowledge and workplace skills training. We will be a catalyst for social change, creating opportunity and prosperity for all our stakeholders.

Our values

  1. empowerment


    We are driven by our belief in the power of education to change people’s lives for the better and are passionate about providing an overall learning experience that meets their needs and helps them to achieve life goals.

  2. knowledge


    We are experts in the field of online education and are rigorous in delivering high quality learning materials, services and experiences that deliver the learning outcomes we have promised.

  3. inclusivity


    We are inspired by the UN Declaration that “everyone is entitled to a free education”. We are committed to equality and access to education irrespective of gender, geography, economic status or any other barriers to access.

  4. innovation


    We will not be constrained by what already exists but will lead the way in introducing new ways to achieve our mission. Our DNA is entrepreneurial and we understand and embrace the pioneering spirit that motivates other entrepreneurs.

The better we do, the more good we can do.

Alison was founded in Galway in 2007 and has grown organically to become a major force in online education. Today, with more than 11 million learners in 195 countries, Alison is changing how the world learns.

We are committed to equality and access to education irrespective of gender, geography, economic status or any other barriers that can so often stunt potential. So we offer a range of free courses that meet the many diverse needs of our learners. The UN declared that everyone is entitled to a free education. That statement will always inspire us.

Alison was started and is run by Mike Feerick. Mike is first and foremost a businessman, but one with a difference. He happens to believe that the better you do financially, the more good you can do.

Alison is free of charge to you. But it’s still a business – albeit a socially-focused one. We are a social enterprise. We make our money through advertising, merchandise and the sale of Certificates and Diplomas, should a graduate choose to buy one.


Empower Yourself

We believe that through education, everyone has the power to change their lives, and ultimately the world, for the better.

Innovation, technology and creative collaboration with knowledge experts worldwide are the foundations of Alison’s commitment to delivering universal access to education for free.

Our services and products deliver freedom to learn and the tools to succeed - enabling employers, learners, publishers and employees to empower themselves and others.


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