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Free Human Resources Training

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Every day brings new challenges in the world of human resources, forging the link between employer and employees. To be successful in this vital field, you need a mix of skills and personal attributes. Apart from being versed in employment law and the statutory regulations for your business, your interpersonal skills are to the fore. You should know how to ‘read’ people, be adept at recruiting, training and most importantly, retaining talented staff. Do you know how to listen, when to stand firm and when to be flexible? How to deal with disagreements or disputes lawfully? Or how to ensure that people are treated fairly and equally? All this and more is covered in our HR training courses. Whether you need to add to your human resources skills in a particular area, or are at the beginning of your career, you will find excellent courses delivered by subject matter experts right here. You can also take our free Workplace Wellbeing Check-up today to help you understand how you cope with your workplace environment and learn transferable skills that will undoubtedly help you in your career in Human Resources. 

Our free courses cover everything from the HR basics to complex issues such as managing the impact of change within an organisation on the workforce, disciplinary procedures and termination of employment. We’ll help you get to grips with everything from strategic development to health and safety and more. The learning is free and you can opt to purchase a certificate, accredited by the independent UK body CPD (Continuing Professional Development), once you successfully complete a course. You can retake the assessment as many times as you need to for free. To begin, simply register for an Alison account and select your first course. Download the Alison app to continue learning on the go.


Top Free Online Human Resources Courses

HR Basics

For an all-round training in the dynamic world of HR, take one of these human resources courses. They cover the key areas that any HR professional needs to know to get the most out of employees and to enable staff to get the most out of their job. Learn about hiring, training and motivating employees, performance evaluation and rewards, health and safety and how to manage conflicts, disputes and the termination of employment.

Recruitment and Selection

Knowing what sort of candidate you want for a particular role, then attracting and selecting them is a key function in human resource management. Having a reputation as a good employer helps broaden the field and ensures you have a good selection to choose from. A satisfactory compensation package with a good basic salary, bonuses and benefits, an appealing environment and in today’s climate, the option of hybrid working, are all useful tools in your armoury.  If you are interested in ensuring you have the best selection processes and tools, our recruitment training courses should keep you on track.

Learning and Development

It’s vital to provide effective training when onboarding new employees and the more successful companies continue to engage in ongoing training and development as a matter of policy. In some countries there are regulations around ongoing development. Apart from equipping staff with the skills they will need in the future, continuing to help them develop shows your employees that they are valued and gives them a reason to stay with you. In many organisations, employees also need to be trained in complying with GDPR, the EU’s data protection regulations.

Strategic Development

For any organisation, knowing how many staff are needed and what skills or knowledge they require falls to the HR department, whether it’s a start-up or a going concern. A healthy business continues to grow and develop and a good HR manager makes sure that the organisation’s staffing needs are met. Being able to think strategically and employing HR best practices is good not only for the organisation but for employee engagement as well.

Performance Management

If your company has good leadership, sets clear goals and offers feedback, there is a good chance the workforce is productive and engaged because good performance management is being displayed. Feedback can come from a range of sources, inside and outside the business. It can be invaluable in enabling an employee to make a course correction, or do something they’re already doing even better. Whatever the case, this is a useful avenue for exploration through our HR training courses.

Managing Difficult Situations

In work, as in life, things rarely run smoothly permanently. It falls to you, as a member of the human resources staff, to deal with allegations of harassment, bullying and discrimination. You may need to approach issues around absenteeism and unprofessional conduct. Our HR courses online can equip you with the knowledge you need to act fairly and lawfully in complex situations.

Health and Safety

As a HR professional, a key role is looking after the wellbeing of the company’s workforce, beginning with their physical safety. You will learn how fostering a culture of safety in the workplace makes injuries and accidents less likely.  Discover how workstation ergonomics can reduce back pain and how ISO 45001:2018 can help improve workplace safety in the area of global supply chain management.

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