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Organizational Change - Managing and Supporting Employees

Learn about the human resource interests that need to be addressed and managed by members of the change team.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Organizational Change Management course will show you the professional way of managing and supporting employees. Businesses need to be able to deal with ongoing change from increased competition and with this course, you will learn about human resource interests that need to be addressed and managed by change team members. This will help you play an effective role within an organization that is going through a period of change.
Organizational Change - Managing and Supporting Employees
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In this course you will examine a guide for change management processes, which identifies key success factors that should be considered by management in any change process. You will examine the human resources angle of organizational change: Do the staff have the knowledge and skills necessary to implement the change? What will the impact on work processes be? How will the change affect staff morale? Managing change involves dealing with resistance from people and evaluating the time and capacity to deliver.

You will learn that the management team are accountable for planned and unplanned change and have a responsibility to minimize disruption to employees and to the organization's services. Providing a stable work environment during the change process benefits stakeholders. You will explore the role of unions, workforce representatives and managers regarding job/skills analysis, accountability and reporting. Job functions and business units often require re-alignment in terms of their goals, outcomes and output, during a change program. The optimum number and type of work positions need to be identified and managed, taking into account the requirements of workplace health and safety and the duty of care.

This free Managing and Supporting Employees course will be of great interest to professionals looking to play a prominent role in change management processes. The course will also be of interest to small business owners who want to learn more about guiding their employees through a period of change. As change is a constant feature of business it means that the skills you will learn in this course will undoubtedly come in handy sooner or later. So, start the course now. and become the professional your organization is looking for.

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