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Introduction to Management: Analysis & Strategies

Become a better manager by studying key analysis tools and strategies to define business goals and find opportunities.

Publisher: Advance Learning
On your way to becoming a sought-after manager, you will study the principles of management, a range of modern management strategies, and useful tools for internal analysis and planning. Leading an organization on its road to success is not an easy task. Start this free online course today and gain the skills and knowledge that you'll need throughout your career.
Introduction to Management: Analysis & Strategies
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This free online course introduces you to SWOT analysis, a strategic planning technique that will help you identify your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in relation to business competition or project planning. You will also cover the VRIO framework (value, rarity, imitability and organization) which is useful in analyzing your firm’s internal resources and capabilities to find out if they can be a source of sustained competitive advantage.

Next, you will study PESTEL analysis, which is a framework that you can use to analyse and monitor the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors that have an impact on your organisation. Then analyze important kinds of strategies such as differentiation, focus strategy and customer intimacy strategy. You will also cover management by objectives and group goals as well as financial and non-financial controls.

Learning about the different types of managers and management strategies will help you better execute your role in your company. By applying the analytical and strategic management methods taught in this online course, you will develop your team, output, and professional skills, all of which are excellent opportunities for growth and promotion. So, have a look at the course today and start learning some great management theories and tactics in just a few hours.

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