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Strategic Planning Skills

Learn the basics of strategic planning and learn how to develop a mission statement with this free online course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This free online strategic planning skills training course will provide you with the skills for developing a clear understanding of your organization's current and desired state, its operations and market position. Learn how to develop a mission and vision statement for your company, after gathering the information that influences your business, from operational data to assessing factors. Start this course today.
Strategic Planning Skills
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This course, Strategic Planning Skills, will provide you with an understanding of the the skills for strategic planning. You will learn about preparing for the strategic planning process. You will be able to explain the process for establishing a committee as well as gathering operational data. You will also learn about initiating the strategic planning process.

This course then explains the process for initiating the strategic planning process, from how to develop a mission statement and how to develop a vision statement. You will learn about how to assess internal and external environments as well as how to perform a SWOT analysis. You will also learn about developing the strategic plan.

This course then wraps up with the process for developing a strategic plan. You will learn to prioritize what the strategic plan will address, how to set goals and objectives, how to develop a strategy for achieving goals, and the process for drafting the strategic plan. Finally this course will cover the process for executing the plan, from assigning responsibility and authority to establishing a monitoring system. By taking this course you will learn the strategic planning process, from preparation to initiation, development, and execution. So why wait? Start learning today.

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