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Free Online Mental Health Courses

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Talking about mental health and working in this growing sector of the healthcare industry are quickly losing the stigma they once had. Previously, those suffering from depression may have been told to ‘Get over it’ or those experiencing anxiety were thought of as ‘highly-strung’ people who just had to ‘calm down’. Fortunately, the world is now understanding the causes of and treatments for mental health ailments in a much more positive way.

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Top Free Online Mental Health Courses

Free Depression and Anxiety Courses

Being depressed or feeling anxious used to be brushed off as a problem with the person themselves. But today we know that there is much more to depression and anxiety than feeling ‘sad’ or ‘nervous’ and the causes can be many and complex. Symptoms can be mild, or they can be all-consuming and have negative effects on our relationships, ability to work and study, and even lead to suicidal ideation.

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Thank goodness that help is at hand. It is vital that anyone suffering from clinical depression or severe and persistent anxiety should speak to their doctor in the first instance. Once medical care has begun, or for people with mild cases, some of Alison’s free courses may provide coping strategies that can lessen the load and allow you to see a glimmer of light. Furthermore, the friends, families and colleagues of the afflicted can get a much better understanding of what the sufferer is going through. Only when we have insight, can we truly help.

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Free Caregiving Courses

As younger people have fewer children and older people live longer, extended families that would once have cared for elderly relatives are in decline. Today, carers are trained in all aspects of modern caregiving. Carers are particularly sought after in areas such as the UK and European Union, where the elderly are looked after in their own homes by carers who ‘live in’. Agencies look for those who have professional certifications connected to dementia care, nursing the frail and dealing with immobile or infirm patients.

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‘Caregiving’ involves helping the elderly, infirm or differently abled to bathe, dress, groom themselves and use the bathroom. You will cook meals and feed them, dispense medication, and do light housekeeping to maintain hygiene. The most important tasks are putting a ‘care plan’ in place and providing companionship to people who may be forgettable, frightened or confused. The more you know about the ailments of the people you are looking after – for example, the best routine for a person with dementia – the better you will be at caregiving.

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Free Substance Abuse Courses

Addiction is a disease or psychological disorder where someone repeatedly engages in harmful behaviour. In the case of substance abuse, this is a pattern of using any legal or illegal substance (such as alcohol, inhalants, prescriptions medications and illicit drugs) for mood-altering purposes. Generally, substance abuse can happen as initial experimentation with these substances turns to regular use, which fosters tolerance (where a person needs more to achieve the same effect) and dependency, culminating in addiction. There are many reasons why some can experiment but never become addicts, while others become dependent, including genetics, poor mental health, peer pressure, lack of a support system and the fact that many substances are physically addictive. Alcohol, amphetamines, painkillers and other substances are abused by millions of people every day.

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By studying certified courses in substance abuse, you can understand addiction and help those afflicted. Career paths include working as an addiction or chemical dependency counsellor in private or public practice, specializing in treating specific dependencies (such as heroin) and being a substance abuse educator in schools, clinics or prisons. The first step to freeing someone from addiction is learning about it.

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Featured Mental Health Course Publishers

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Medcoe – US Army Medical Center of Excellence

It may be surprising that the US Army would have some of the best courses on mental health and substance abuse. However, serving in the military can lead to extremely stressful experiences and stress is known to be connected to mental illness and addiction. Researchers want to ensure that serving personnel are as mentally and emotionally healthy as they are physically fit, and have shared their online courses with us for you to access for free.

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The US Army Medical Department’s personnel are trained to the highest standards, using state-of-the-art, scenario-driven training. You may never enlist in the army or experience combat or a war zone, but you can use their courses to educate yourself about optimal mental health, including how to manage suicidal thoughts and violent behaviour. They also provide useful insights into understanding burnout (‘emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress’) and depression.

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BCcampus OpenEd

BCcampus is based in British Columbia in Canada and is a strong proponent of ‘open education’, the idea that knowledge, textbooks and teaching materials should be freely available. It means that learning is open to everyone who wants it, not just those who can afford it. In this, BCcampus is the perfect publishing partner to Alison because we also believe in education for all, which is why all our courses are free. To get around the high costs associated with a good education, BCcampus has a collection of textbooks that anyone can use.

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Delve into BCcampus’s free online courses on mental health issues such as intellectual disability (ID), which is characterized by difficulties in thinking and understanding, and may result in hyperactivity, impulsivity and restlessness. If you want a career in speech or occupational therapy, it’s important to understand ID. BCcampus also offers courses in community psychology, which looks at the connection between individuals and wider society. You will see how social, cultural, economic and political factors can influence a person’s psychological wellness.

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XSIQ provides courses on psychology, broadly defined as the study of the human mind and our behaviour, including emotions, thought, and conscious and unconscious phenomena. If you want to pursue a career in any aspect of mental health, it is always beneficial to have a solid foundation in the basics of psychology.

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XSIQ Ltd was an Australian interactive multimedia corporation set up to develop leading-edge interactive multimedia content for the Australian secondary or high school educational sector. Alison purchased all its multimedia learning assets to make available for free via our free learning website. The courses are very well written and presented and provide excellent complementary learning material.

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Free Online Mental Health Courses