Irish Transition Year: Creativity

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Free from the constraints of exams, Transition Year allows Irish pupils to give free rein to their imagination, with opportunities to express their creativity. Projects allow them to immerse themselves in their favourite art form, whether that’s art and design, film studies, dance, drama or creative writing. And for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty, there are options for studying aesthetics.

Top Free Online Transition Year Creativity Courses

Performing Arts

Alison’s courses can help students explore their creativity and develop new skills in the areas of music and the performing arts.  They can learn how to play an instrument, compose the score for a video game, or put together a playlist fit for a pro DJ. They can master classical music theory, or get an insider’s view of the acting industry along with useful tips for anyone interested in pursuing a career on stage or screen. (See our Traditional Irish Music Hub for more course options.)

Some key concepts

  •  Awareness and appreciation of music, dance and drama
  •  Building a portfolio
  • Creating audio and video recordings
  • Composition
  • Performance


English in Transition Year offers an opportunity to switch off from exam-focused studies and engage with learning for the pleasure of it. Pupils are encouraged to read for enjoyment, engage with live performances and films, and get involved in writing for fun. They might want to enter a competition, produce a video or radio show, host a debate with another school, give a talk on their pet subject or explore the literature of a period they’re covering in history. As they explore a range of topics, they are also developing their self-directed learning skills. While Alison provides many courses that will help students gen up on topics worth debating, we also cater for those hoping to become the next Jacqueline Wilson, the best-selling author of popular children’s novels.

Some key concepts

  • Looking at English in a non-academic context
  • Creative writing
  • English as a second language
  • Sign language
  • Public speaking

Visual Arts and Photography

Our visual arts courses are ideal for supporting many creative projects and will help pupils put together a portfolio or exhibition that will showcase their learning. They can improve their drawing technique and learn the basics of graphic art or digital design. Our photography courses focus on many aspects of this art-form; for insights into using Photoshop, check out the Diploma in Digital Photography. An appreciation of taste and beauty is a longstanding benefit of a well-rounded education, with aesthetics having one foot in philosophy and the other in the arts. Transition Year programmes are ideal for opening up this field to pupils who may not otherwise pursue an arts course. You don’t need to be a skilled draughtsperson to appreciate a work of art, after all.

Some key concepts

  • Awareness and appreciation of visual art and photography
  • Building a portfolio
  • Digital art
  • Photography
  • Drawing

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