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Diploma in Music Theory

Learn to identify different rhythms and instruments in a piece of music with this free online music theory course.

Publisher: Open Yale Courses
This free online Music Theory diploma will introduce you to basic music theory and then cover the subjects of instruments, rhythm, melody, harmony, and musical form. In this course you will study different musical instruments and the techniques used in classical music pieces. You will also learn how these aspects of classical music are applied to other genres of music. Take this free online course today and start developing your ear for music!
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This free online music course will first show you how to identify different chords in a melody and distinguish between major and minor scales by using your listening skills. You will also learn how cadences and sequences are used in musical excerpts. The course will also cover the development of notes and musical scales, harmony and bass patterns, and chord progressions. You will look at how to build chords in a melody and learn how chord progressions are used by listening to some blues and rock.

Next, you will learn about the six models in classical music, from sonata-allegro to rondo form. You will study the features of verse and chorus and how the same material can return at certain points in a musical piece. The course also covers the four types of music found within a sonata namely thematic, cadential, developmental, and transitional. You will also learn how to identify rhythm in different genres of music such as jazz, pop, and classical music.

A good musician knows how to make beautiful music as well as have a good listening ear. This can be achieved with proper training and practice. This course will be of great interest to musicians who want to strengthen their knowledge of musical theory, and to students who would like to learn more about music theory and improve their aural skills. Check out the course and improve your musical abilities, today.

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