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Music Theory: Melody and Harmony

Learn how to identify different musical scales and build chords with ease with this free online music theory course.

Publisher: Open Yale Courses
This free online music theory course will introduce you to the concepts of melody and harmony, improving your music comprehension drastically. In this course you will study important music genres, learn how to recognize different chords and harmonics, and study famous composers such as Mozart and Wagner and their various musical techniques. If you're looking to improve your musical understanding, this course is a great place to start.
Music Theory: Melody and Harmony
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This online music theory course will teach you how to identify different chords in a melody. You will first study the development of notes and musical scales as well as distinguish between major and minor scales. This will help you develop your music listening skills. The course will then cover the works of Mozart, who is said to be the most gifted musician in the history of classical music, and Wagner, who is known for his epic operas.

You will then learn how cadences and sequences can be used in musical excerpts, and will stube guided through chord progressions, harmony, and bass patterns. The course will also teach you how to build chords in a melody. You will also listen to blues and rock musical genres to get an idea of how chord progressions are used, as well as learn how to identify between a regular and an irregular rate of harmonic change.

Versatile and skilled musicians are not made overnight, it takes a lot of practice and training. This free online music course will help you develop your musical ability and pave the way through your music journey slowly but surely. This course is the second in a series of music theory courses, so it's important to first complete Alison's Music Theory: Instruments and Rhythm course. If you have done so, start this course now and strengthen your aural listening skills today.

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