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FL Studio for High-Quality DJs and Music Producers

Learn the essentials of FL Studio 20 to develop high-quality electronic dance music with this free online course.

Publisher: Colin Warn
Did you know that electronic dance music track premieres on the YouTube platform have 3.3 billion views in 2019? This free online DJ course will teach you how to use FL Studio 20 to compose, arrange, and record electronic music in the style of American DJ Marshmello. You will refine your mixing abilities for creating EDM songs and gain the drive you need to succeed as a competent producer in the ever-changing music industry.
FL Studio for High-Quality DJs and Music Producers
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Becoming an electronic dance music producer is a career path that necessitates continuous learning, self-development, and the discipline to master your inner musician. This course will help you get accustomed to the FL Studio programme, sophisticated plugins, and techniques for creating, editing, and recording your catchy beats if you're experimenting with new sounds and arrangements. Alternatively, whether you've previously made some tracks or are thinking about entering into the EDM genre as a music producer, the video-guided training will provide you with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals to help you improve your talents and master the digital audio workstation (DAW) mixer console table. The course begins by analyzing the EDM artistic style of the world-famous DJ Marshmello to set the start line for the future bass genre composition. You will discover how to use the piano chord progression structure to create a full-length electronic dance music track to expand sound patterns.

Did you realise that the EDM genres alone have about 16 billion Spotify streams? These beats have become one of the hottest styles in modern music, with genres such as trance, future bass, techno, and house incorporating them. Popular music producers primarily work with computer-generated sounds, though they may improvise during live musical performances. Because of its growing popularity, the tools and technology used in the music production industry have grown to include DAW software for creating beats, sounds effects, and arrangements. However, to develop as an expert electronic music producer, you must be disciplined to create a successful music-making curriculum. This FL Studio course equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to modify sound patterns, filters, and special effects such as analogue compression and reverb using specialised plugins. You will explore the use of envelopes for background sound effects by controlling the volume of a sound and the amount affected by the filter using key parameters such as an attack, decay, and release.

Finally, the procedure for creating digital audio mixes in FL Studio is described and you will learn to trust your hearing to strengthen your sensory skills when determining the harmony of the rhythms in a future bass music production. Following that, the curriculum will provide you with advanced knowledge to help you develop your music mixing skills and vastly improve your music production abilities. This will feature a breakdown of the song's structure and master modifications to the musical arrangements used in the drop creation and leading melody construction. Eventually, you will learn how to make an EDM track like American DJ Marshmello by studying the fundamentals of digital audio and mixing, which will propel you into deeper artistic experimentation while throwing preconceived notions and 'the standard' off the map. ​'FL Studio for High-Quality DJs and Music Producers' is an educational course that explains the role of music producers and how to turn a collection of sounds into a remarkable chord progression with a leading melody that has the potential to become a catchy EDM song performed in front of an audience.

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