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Law and the Judicial System Learning Path

There is a high possibility that at some stage throughout your life, you will be handed a contract. Whether the contract is in relation to a house you are renting, a new job you are starting, or a partnership with another company, it is vital that you understand the terms of the contract. The Learning Path in Law and the judicial System offered by Alison will allow you to become aware of the elements associated with contracts, including how a contract can be breached, so you will be fully prepared and know what to expect when you are handed a contract. This learning path will be of great interest to business professionals who work with third party suppliers for goods or services on a contract basis but also to anyone that may not be fully aware of how a contract may work. The Alison Learning Path in Law and the Judicial System offers a range of courses to expand your knowledge in different areas of law such as employee law, business law, and contracts in law. You will boost your knowledge in the world of legal studies and explore the definition of law and the place it has in society. You will be able to describe the law of agency and the importance of an agent in a legal relationship. You will also be able to explain the difference between civil and criminal and explore how the law has evolved over the years.

Courses in this Learning Path

  1. Introduction to Contracts in Law

    Contracts are agreements entered into by two parties with the intention of creating a legal obligation and contracts in law are very important and serious documents. Yet many individuals or business owners do not fully understand the implications of signing a contract or breaching a contract. This free online course reviews the elements which make up a contract and reviews a scenario about how a contract can be breached if one or more of the parties involved do not fulfil their part of the agreement. Resolving broken contracts in the form of damages is also discussed. This course will be of interest to business professionals who, for example, work with third party suppliers for goods or services on a contract basis. It will also be of interest to the average lay person who wishes to clearly understand the implications of having a written contract should they wish to enter into a legal agreement with another party.

    1-2 Hour
    50 Points
  2. Legal Studies - Laws and the Judicial System

    This law course presents the learner with a basic introduction to the world of legal studies. The lessons explore the definition of law and the role it plays in society, the nuanced differences between civil and criminal law and how various laws evolve over time. The course is an ideal study-aid for law students or for those who wish to acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of legal systems.

    2-3 Hours
    50 Points
  3. Employer - Employee Law

    In commercial law, the law of agency is a very important concept to understand as it deals with contractual, quasi-contractual and non-contractual relationships. This usually involves a person, called the agent, who can act on behalf of another person, called the principal, to form a legal relationship with third parties.

    In this law of agency course, you will learn about the relationship between the agent and principal and how the principal gives authority to the agent to act on their behalf. You will gain a better understanding of the three types of authority a principal can give to an agent - actual authority, apparent authority and ratified authority.

    You will also learn about agent obligations to a principal and the limits of agent authority. The course also reviews who is agent for a business or corporation and what the duties of the Board of Directors and Officers in a business or corporation are.

    This course will benefit entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to learn more about the legalities behind the law of agency and what the duties of particular individuals in a business or corporation are regarding this law.

    1-2 Hour
    50 Points
  4. Fundamentals of Business Law

    This course reviews important principles found in business law. These principles include details on sole proprietorship, general partnerships, limited partnerships and incorporations. This course explains principles of business law in a clear and easy to understand way. The course also covers topics such as legal requirements, legal recommendations, financial status, taxation, and liability related to these principles. This online course will be of interest to business professionals and students of law who would like a greater knowledge and understanding of laws relating to business and commerce.

    1-2 Hour
    50 Points


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