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Diploma in Special Needs

This free online course explores the treatment and management of special needs children with developmental disorders.

Publisher: Liau Alex
This free online course will equip you with more knowledge and know-how to approach children with developmental disorders like Autism, ADHD, and anxiety disorder. We’ll explore the characteristics and common problems faced by children with such conditions. We’ll also guide you through proven techniques for managing such children in different scenarios - like Applied Behaviour Analysis, which is considered the gold standard for treating Autism.
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This free online course will improve your understanding of children with special needs and make it easier to care for them. We will introduce you to different developmental disorders and how they could affect children living with them. We’ll introduce you to various visual aids like social stories and visual schedules used in managing special needs children. We will provide helpful tips and guidelines for creating and using these aids. You will learn to manage meltdown situations, and we’ll show you teaching techniques for basic skills like self-feeding and using the toilet.

We will also explore Applied Behavior Analysis – the recognized standard for treating Autism. You will learn its rules, techniques, and applications to improve language, motor, cognitive and visuospatial skills. We will conclude the course by exploring the concept of school shadow support, which involves providing personalized care for a child with special needs in school settings. This part of the course also covers inclusive education and techniques and tools like functional awareness, visual and peer support. We will also explore making a school environment easier for a child with special needs. 

Developmental disorders like Autism could make being a child or caring for a child very challenging. Suppose you are a parent to a special needs child or tasked with caring for such children. In that case, you will find this comprehensive, free online course particularly useful as it will vastly improve your understanding of children with special needs. We will provide you with the tools and techniques to offer them the specialized care they need. Start this free online course now to gain the knowledge required to navigate any challenges you might face.

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