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Diploma in Electrical Studies - Revised

Learn about electricity, its applications, and the key aspects of the electrical trade with this free online course.

Publisher: USAID
Alison's free online Diploma in Electrical Studies course gives a better insight into how electricity makes our lives more comfortable. It lights up our streets and buildings and enables us to enjoy electronic devices, thanks to the skilled electricians and engineers working behind the scenes. Take this course and gain a thorough understanding of the basic concepts and practices of the electrical trade for your career enhancement.
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    10-15 Hours
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The course begins by teaching you about electrical safety, electrical circuits, and electrical theory. You will initially focus on what constitutes an electrical wiring system and the hazards involved in working with electric power. You will be familiarized with the installation procedures and storage techniques for electrical wiring components such as device boxes, raceways and fittings, and conductors and cables. You will also learn the basic electrical wiring systems involved in residential, commercial, industrial projects.

Your study of electricity and electrical circuits will then covers the plans and outlines included in electrical drawings. You will learn the different kinds of test equipment used in the electrical trade such as the ammeter, galvanometer, voltmeter, ohmmeter, and multimeter, and become fully informed about their uses. By the end of the course, you will have a strong understanding of electrical current, power, voltage, resistance, circuits.

If you want to learn about the significance and applications of the modern electrical trade, then this free Diploma in Electrical Studies course is for you. This will be a valuable investment for aspiring professionals in the areas of construction and electrical engineering as well as those engaged in handyman repairs. So check out the course today, and get a quick, solid boost to your career.

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