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Introduction to Caregiving

Learn about caregiving skills including legal and ethical responsibilities, and working as part of a team.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Caregiver training course will give you an understanding of the basics of caregiving, including legal and ethical responsibilities and working as part of a team. Caregivers are highly valued and in-demand professionals who make a big difference to the health organizations they work for. This course will give you a full run-through of these essential concepts so that you can give your caregiving career a real boost today.
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This course introduces the learner to what is involved in working as a professional carer. It covers the responsibilities of carers; how the carer fits into a care service team; what players and factors are involved; professional standards; principles and training. What is it like to be a receiver of care - a client or consumer? What are the rights of the 'cared for'?

This course includes sections on geriatric (elder) care and people with disabilities. You will learn about the legal and ethical issues involved in caregiving; legal terms and definitions and how they apply to carers and clients. You will discover the importance of privacy and confidentiality and how to recognise and report abuse. In addition, you will learn the importance of effective communication: verbal and non-verbal; communication styles (passive, aggressive, assertive etc.) and their consequences and how 'attitude' is important. You will examine common impairments care service users have, e.g. vision, hearing and cognitive and techniques for managing them. You will learn to recognise and manage your own stress, how to manage time more efficiently and how to organise, prioritise and schedule tasks better. In addition in this course, you will learn how to set personal and professional boundaries.

If you’re interested in caregiving as a future career, or if you’re a health professional seeking to improve your skills, then this clear and simple course is the one for you. Legal and ethical responsibilities, working as part of a team, and good communication styles are essential skills for any caregiver. With this free course, you’ll learn these vital skills in just 3 hours. So start this course today, and by the end of the week you’ll have developed an excellent new set of skills.

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