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Diploma in Project Management

This free online diploma course teaches you how to implement project phases like a professional that gets things done.

Publisher: XSIQ
This diploma course guides you through every aspect of project management in a clear and simple manner. We lay out the crucial phases of the system development lifecycle: analysis, planning, design and evaluation. We then delve into the practical aspects of project management methodology to prepare you for success in this exciting industry. This course suits anyone who wants to be effective in completing projects on time and under budget.
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Project management skills and expertise are in great demand internationally. This diploma course helps you to improve your abilities and techniques to enhance your career prospects. We offer a comprehensive review of project management and the factors that affect your plans while presenting clear, step-by-step instructions on how to put them into action.

The course begins by explaining the various phases of the ‘system development lifecycle’ (SDLC): analysis, planning, design and evaluation. We then break down project management methodology in detail and show you how to use scheduling tools like ‘Gantt’ and ‘programme evaluation review technique’ (PERT) charts. The course describes various measures typically employed to manage projects like programmes and other technical documents that track an endeavour’s progress.

Finally, we conduct a case study to illustrate the phases of successful project management. This course is of great interest to professionals who manage projects and would like to improve their skills. We can also help anyone who is considering project management as a career and needs to learn a new craft from the ground up.

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