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Diploma - Project Management in Practice

Improve your project management skills for managing complex technical projects with this free online course.

Publisher: University of Wisconsin
This online technical project management course will teach you about practical project management. It covers the fundamental principles and practices in project management including basic concepts such as project selection, initiation and procurement. You will study leadership, planning, scheduling, risks, and costs and budgets. You will also learn about resource allocation, monitoring, and control needed to manage complex technical projects.
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    6-10 Hours
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Improve your technical project management skills with Alison’s free online course 'Diploma - Project Management in Practice'. This course covers the basic principles and practices essential in effective modern project management. The course will improve your project management skills for managing complex technical projects.

The course begins with an overview of the concepts in modern technical project management, and a basic introduction to Lean and Agile software development. The course then describes the various processes involved in project management such as project selection, initiation, procurement, leadership, planning, scheduling, risks, costs and budgets, resource allocation, monitoring and control. Finally, you will learn about negotiation as a critical skill, project management growth, and project closure.

This course is aimed at meeting the interests and needs of career professionals who value practical principles and guidance, and students who wish to build on past experiences and improve on effective strategies for managing complex technical projects. This includes an emphasis on applying concepts of project management to real-world issues. So, why wait? Start the course today and learn how to become an effective project manager!

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