Customer Service Learning Path

Excellence in customer service is essential to the long-term viability of any business and because of this every business must develop its customer service program to the highest level. Excellence in customer service has a direct impact on customer loyalty and where potential customers choose to spend their money. The Alison Learning Path in Customer Service explains why the higher the quality of customer service your business provides, the higher the level of customer satisfaction your business will enjoy, and that will translate into repeat business and more revenue. The Alison Learning Path in Customer Service is a sequence of courses that explains how to implement an effective customer service program that can be applied in the hospitality industry, the retail industry and the public sector. Businesses need to understand how the modern tech-savvy customer learns about and responds to new products or services online through online buzz, online PR, and online dialogues. Learn how to implement an effective customer service program in your business or organization so that you can better understand your customers to increase sales of your products or services.

Courses in this Learning Path

  1. Customer Service Training

    Tailored for learners at any stage of their career and completed by over 40,000 people worldwide, this free course will introduce you to the basic concepts of customer service and guide you through effective service techniques and practices. You will be shown how to handle the most difficult situations that arise in customer service, and will be given a clear explanation of why these situations occur.

    The course will then provide you with a roadmap for improving how you handle enquiries and complaints, read situations for the best outcomes, and deliver customer satisfaction. This will involve an-depth but clear discussion of different types of customers and how to assess your customer to identify their needs. This information will enable you to provide great customer service to almost anyone.

    With a little bit of effort, including just the time it takes to complete this course, you can become the customer service guru you don’t know you can be. You’ve got the interest and motivation to get to this point, now keep up the momentum and take the next steps. Get started, and become a certified customer service graduate before you know it. 

    1.5-3 Hour
    50 Points
  2. Staying Close to the Customer

    Yahoo is a web portal founded in 1994. It was one of the pioneers of the early Internet era in the 1990s. This course will discuss how Yahoo developed its 'Search' functionality and other core features with the central idea of assisting customers on their customer journey. The course will then discuss the three groups that make up the ecosystem of Yahoo, including advertisers, publishers, and users. You will also learn how Yahoo went through the phases of customer focus and product focus.

    The founders of Yahoo helped customers find what they were searching for by organizing the internet. This course will discuss the two main types of internet searches, which are algorithmic and sponsored searches. You will learn that advertisers are only concerned with reaching a certain demographic. You will also learn that for many customers the search experience aspect of their customer journey is more important than their eventual destination.

    Yahoo is a very popular website but with strong competition for products and services coming from Google and Facebook, Yahoo as an organization faces severe challenges in remaining competitive in the advertising market. Upon the completion of this course, you will have learned how Yahoo adopts the client-centric business approach as a core part of their overall business strategy to survive on the market. So, check out the course today and learn the importance and benefits of staying close to your customers in no time!

    1.5-3 Hour
    50 Points
  3. Understanding Your Customers to Drive Sales

    Customer awareness is a process that helps entrepreneurs educate customers about their company, its performances, and the products or services their company delivers. A well-designed customer awareness program ensures better customer engagement and protects consumer welfare. This course will introduce you to effective strategies that will help create customer awareness. It will cover the topic of free trial product modes as well as teach you about contemporary design for complex products.

    A sales model is a framework that defines an organization’s approach to selling. Common sales models for B2B companies include inbound sales, outbound sales, account-based sales, relationship-based or relational sales, and team sales. This course will introduce you to a sales model for the enterprise software industry. You will study events in the software industry and learn the importance of focusing on post-sales experiences. This course will also discuss the metrics-driven sales model and teach you how to face competition.

    When designing a complex product, a business should create layers that allow customers to choose how complex the functionality of the product should be. This course will clearly explain the importance of this concept. Upon completion of this course, you will have gained a better understanding of how businesses in the modern marketplace can serve their customers better through a strong customer awareness strategy. So why wait? Check out your next course, today!

    1.5-3 Hour
    50 Points
  4. Customer Relationship Management in Business Services

    This course will show you precisely how to manage your customer relationships through effective business services. The course begins by showing you how fluctuating customer demand for a service can be addressed. Here you will learn how businesses can use marketing tools to shape demand patterns for a service in order to maximise customer satisfaction. You will then learn about consumer behaviour and how important elements of service processes such as queuing and waiting lines can be re-designed to greatly improve the customer experience, service productivity, and efficiency.

    Next, the course will teach you everything you need to know about The Three-Stage Model of Service Consumption. You will learn how this model allows service managers to set objectives and shape consumer behaviour in a targeted manner. Finally, you will learn about self-service technologies (SSTs) and the co-creation of business services, which are some of the most important methods for involving customers in a business service used today.

    Throughout the course, you will be given real world examples of how service organisations around the world achieve excellence in their customer relationships. This will allow you to from the best in a clear, practical, and step-by-step manner. By the end of the course, you will have gained a strong understanding of how the world’s leading businesses manage their customer relationships through excellent business services. So, get started today and in just 4 hours you’ll be ahead of your competitors and have gained a great boost for you career development.

    3-4 Hours
    50 Points