Career - Child, Family, and School Social Workers

Child, Family, and School Social Workers

What do Child, Family, and School Social Workers do? Child, Family, and School Social Workers provide a wide range of services meant to improve the well-being, health and education of children.

The services provided by them include social services such as assistance in adoption, as well as psychological services helping children overcome social or behavioral problems.

In this role, you directly work the children and their families, trying to identify the causes for social or psychological problems through interviews. A part of your job is to counsel and advise families on issues ranging from teenage pregnancy to substance abuse, childcare and unemployment.

Child Protective Services Social Worker (CPS Social Worker) - A Child Protective Services Social Worker, also known as a CPS Social Worker, is someone who specializes in offering counseling, placement or rehabilitation services. Such a worker typically deals with children who are abandoned or have suffered abuse.

Youth Services Specialist - A Youth Services Specialist offers counseling and other services to students at Junior High and High Schools. Such a specialist assists students to help them improve their social and psychological health while also achieving a better academic standing.

How do people become Child, Family, and School Social Workers? The basic requirement for a career as Child, Family, and School Social Workers is to have a background in Psychology, Sociology, Customer and Personal Service, Counseling, Therapy, or a related field.

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