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Physical Education - Fitness Training Principles and Methods

Learn about sports science, effective methods and the principles of training programs in this free online course.

Publisher: XSIQ
This free online Physical Education program course focuses on fitness training methods and principles. You will learn about the area of sports science, effective training principles and techniques as well as basic muscle physiology, the different groups of muscles and how the heart functions. You will also learn about the energy system of the body and how food is converted to energy.
Physical Education - Fitness Training Principles and Methods
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This free online course on Physical Education begins by helping you to identify basic muscle physiology and its interior components. You will study the motor unit, the regulation of muscular force, and the firing pattern of muscles in the body. Then, you will learn about the major groups of muscles, their microscopic structure, the different fibre types and their distinctive features as well as the various types of muscle contractions.

Furthermore, in this free online course you will learn how the human body converts food into energy. Next, you will study the energy systems as well as their characteristics and fitness components. Training is a cyclical process of tearing down and building up and even the most untrained body has a built-in reserve capacity to handle a substantial degree of stress. You will also be learning about exercise science, principles of training, overload, specificity, reversibility, and individual differences.

Finally, in this Methods and Principles of Fitness Training free online course, you will learn that when designing a fitness exercise program, it is important that the methods are relevant and focused on the important fitness component and that the exercises within the training method are specific to the sport. Enroll in this online course today and start learning about sports science and the importance of different training techniques!

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