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Human Resources: Discipline and Termination

Learn how to create a successful office team and handle employee terminations with this free online certificate course.

Publisher: NuYew
This free online course in team roles and termination teaches you how to avoid high employee turnover. You learn how to create a successful office team using Belbin's team roles and various other training models. This course provides sample policies to help describe disciplinary issues and grievances. After completing this course employees and employers alike will understand the procedures and policies associated with being part of the workforce.
Human Resources: Discipline and Termination
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This course will begin by introducing the reasons behind high employee turnover and what can be done to combat this. The importance of team communication when managing a team is also covered. The course then introduces John Adair's action centred leadership model. This model could be adapted to your team once you finish this course to achieve your desired task. In relation to your team in the office, this course introduces the type of role you could assign to each member. This classification follows the Belbin method. This will help you determine the types of people you work best with and the types of people that you will clash with while working together in a team. Exercises incorporated in the course will help you better understand these roles and use them in your own life experiences. How to prepare and conduct team meetings will also be introduced to you. This will include focusing on tasks and people, certain ground rules and even feedback once the meeting finishes. You will learn about various types of skills needed for these meetings, listening skills in particular.

You will then be introduced to the training methods that should be used to help develop a rapport with your co-workers. Following easy to remember acronyms you will be introduced to GROW and CIGAR. In addition to this, you will learn about training to cover any essential skills needed for your job and mentoring to help develop those skills. You will also learn the difference between questions types such as open and closed questions. Concerning training, you will learn about your return on investment when creating these processes within your team. A common problem in the workplace is then introduced to you: disciplinary issues. To combat problems that come if a situation is not handled appropriately, you will learn how to handle these issues. To help reinforce these lessons sample policies are provided. One action that employees, like yourself, could take when dealing with grievances in the workplace is whistleblowing. This course introduces who can qualify as a whistleblower. This includes the types of information that they could disclose and who they could disclose information to in certain circumstances.

Bullying and harassment are covered in this course as well. The course details what could happen if these troubling actions become a serious issue, eventually leading to an employment tribunal. This course wraps up with the various forms of employee dismissal, whether it's voluntary or not. The office issue of redundancy is introduced and discussed in great length. This includes the legality behind this type of termination and the ways employers can mitigate any negative repercussions. Involuntary terminations are also covered. In the case of gross misconduct, types of harassment are identified and the consequences of attacking protected characterizations are enforced. For those of you interested in a career in the human resources department this course provides the policies and procedures you will need to know and understand to be successful. Aside from harassment and bullying, other workplace issues are also introduced. Although less serious, these issues have the potential to develop into serious concerns. Learners entering the workplace in other departments can also use this information to succeed and avoid disciplinarily issues and involuntary dismissals. So, why wait? Start this course today and learn about team roles and termination.

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