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Human Resources: Employee Management and Training

Learn about the policies and procedures of effective employee management with this comprehensive HR management course.

Publisher: NuYew
Every human resources department focuses on many different aspects of company life, including recruitment, retention, and producing and maintaining personnel records of employees. This course will take you through the responsibilities involved like knowing possible risks in the workplace and the legal parameters of remuneration. After completing this course, employees and employers alike will understand the procedures and policies of HR.
Human Resources: Employee Management and Training
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The human resources division of any company is a busy place. This course will take you through the intricacies of looking after employees and their needs while also focusing on the needs of the business. You will be introduced to some of the common competencies required for an open role after completing a job analysis. This course explains what should be included in an application form and what could be seen as discriminatory to potential applicants. The importance of equality and diversity in this process will be examined, too. Learn what questions can and cannot be asked in an interview as some can discriminate against certain parties under UK law, as well as the types of interviews you could use. While studying the interview process, you will be introduced to the STAR technique (situation, task, action, result) used by interviewers. Following that, you will see how to successfully welcome a new employee to the team and retain them within the company. Possible financial and legal issues that could arise from an unsuccessful onboarding process are discussed, as well as techniques to avoid these failures. The material also details what can be included in a contract of employment and when this document should be presented to a new employee.

You will be introduced to the importance of properly producing and maintaining personnel records of employees. Do you know how long you should keep certain documents? While considering paper-based record keeping, identify the types of documents you should keep, the best places to keep them and how to properly dispose of these files when they are no longer needed. In terms of self-service systems, the many benefits in comparison to paper-based keeping will be covered, as well as the differences between employee- and management-level self-service. Learn the aspects that all records systems should share, no matter what, and master the legal requirements that all workplaces must adhere to when handling personnel records.

Risk assessments are a huge part of an HR manager's job. An up-to-date record should be kept and employees need to be kept abreast of changes to the office, new equipment procedures or even something as simple as the evacuation point in an emergency situation. You will review sample policies that will help enforce the importance of avoiding risk in the workplace. This course covers the UK’s National Minimum Wage requirements and those exempt from the NMW. For those interested in a career in HR management, this course provides the policies and procedures you will need to be successful in the recruitment process and overall employee management.

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