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Diploma in Retail Management

Learn how to manage a retail outlet and ensure that it reaches its full potential with this free online diploma course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
Get to grips with running any kind of retail store with this diploma course. We explore all aspects of managing your own outlet, including choosing a location and hiring a cohesive team, budgeting, security and so on. We also delve into advertizing, marketing and managing your brand. This course suits anyone looking to polish their retail management skills, whether you are experienced or just starting out, so sign up to boost your career.
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    10-15 Hours
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This course examines every facet of store management in order to provide you with the skills needed to run your own retail outlet. We lay out the financial, marketing and legal processes behind running a store. We introduce you to the basics and study merchandizing, sales processes and stock management. We show you how to handle deliveries and hire a cohesive team of staff before studying different ways to manage disagreements or challenges that crop up, from late deliveries to store layout to staff conflict.

The course then navigates the processes of marketing and brand management and demonstrates how to communicate effectively with customers. Our module on retail psychology takes you through the concepts that explain your store’s recommended layout. We provide the skills that fuel effective management, including clear communication, problem-solving and proven research methods. Finally, we identify your health and safety responsibilities to your customers and staff and investigate the legal aspects of running a successful business. We highlight common potential legal issues and point you towards sources of guidance.

This course provides the necessary practical and theoretical skills to manage any store. We can help to refresh your existing management skills or equip you with an entirely new set of leadership abilities. This course can benefit small business owners but even if you have previous retail experience, we can help you to take a management track and your career to the next level.

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