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Diploma in Marketing Management

Learn about marketing management and modern market research techniques with this free Marketing Management course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online marketing management course will show you the main aspects of and tools involved in important market research processes today. You will also be shown the main marketing strategies that suit different types of companies, and how to evaluate marketing strategies. This will teach you marketing management skills in a simple, straightforward manner, and give your marketing skills and résumé a valuable boost.
Diploma in Marketing Management
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Market researchers help capture important marketing insights, which then inform crucial decisions made by marketing managers. This course will give you an understanding of the process of marketing research and core marketing concepts. You will learn how the marketing of services differs from the marketing of goods. You will also learn about the theory behind modern marketing and how it has evolved over the years.

As you progress through the course, you will learn the limitations and criticisms of marketing theory, the important features of competitor analysis, the marketing decision problem, the marketing research problem, and the exploratory research methods and techniques. Soon, you will be able to analyze a company's marketing strategy and become familiar with the PESTEL framework, SWOT Analysis, and the marketing information system. You will also know what is involved in competitive analysis as well as the components of a marketing information system. 
By taking this free online marketing course, everything from developing marketing strategies to analyzing customers will be taught to you clearly and simply. You will learn about crucial marketing management and market research tools, and give your marketing skills a significant boost. So, if you are a marketing professional or a student who wants to have a career in the world of marketing, check out this course and upskill today!

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