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Diploma in Sales Management

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Diploma in Sales Management
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  • Learn about the principles, practices and tools involved in all aspects of the selling process by studying the course Diploma in Sales Management. The course begins by introducing you to the role of sales in everyday life and how selling is vital in all aspects of business. You will learn how Internet-based tools, such as forums, social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, along with web sites, live chat and other interactive features allow customers to participate in the modern sales process. 

    You will learn about customer relationship management tools and how they are used to organise all of a customer's interactions, as well as adaptive selling, which allows you to listen to customers, understand their needs, and adapt your conversation and presentation accordingly. The course then introduces the role of ethics in sales and business. You will learn about the application of ethical behaviour in a business environment and how ethical businesses abide by laws and appropriate regulations. The main factors in relation to customer prospecting are covered in detail. You will learn about the tools used, such as direct marketing and cold calling, as well as the pre-approach, a critical step that helps you earn the customer’s trust.

    You will learn about the sales approach and the six Cs, which will help you make a good impression when you contact your prospect, as well as techniques like preparation, research, establishing credibility and customisation of the sales approach to the individual customer. You will gain an understanding of the main types of objections that you may encounter in sales and the six strategies that can help you handle virtually any objection. You will also learn about the process for preparing your sales presentation, how you can stay focused on the outcome and how to adapt your presentation to your prospect’s needs. Finally, you are introduced to entrepreneurial selling, and how to research the viability of a business idea by identifying the size of the market to determine if the idea is compelling enough to meet a need.

    This diploma course will be of great interest to learners who wish to gain employment or start a career in the sales sector, as well as professionals working in sales and entrepreneurs interested in starting a business.

  • Having completed this diploma course you will be able to: - Explain the role of selling in everyday life and in the economy; - List the characteristics of a brand; - Identify the differences between sales and marketing; - Explain the characteristics required to be successful in sales; - Define the different types of selling channels and selling environments; - Explain the concept of adaptive selling; - Explain ethics and ethical behaviour in sales; - Explain the elements of effective business communication; - Explain the role of the seven steps of the selling process; - Define the role prospecting plays in the selling process; - Identify resources to use when prospecting; - Describe how to identify prospective employers; - Discuss how to identify sales needs and opportunities; - Learn how to set SMART pre-call objectives; - Explain the role of first impressions and the importance of a strong approach; - Explain how to make contact with your prospect; - Prepare for a sales presentation; - Discuss how to dress for success for a sales presentation; - Deliver your message in a powerful and effective way; - Define SPIN selling and how to use it during the sales presentation; - Explain how overcoming objections can strengthen a relationship; - Explain the different types of objections and how to handle them; - Define the common objections you may hear in a job interview and the best way to respond; - Explain how entrepreneurs sell themselves and their business ideas.

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