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Moses Mugereka, hailing from a remote Ugandan town, has carved a path for himself as a distinguished educator despite his initial foray into Commerce at Makerere University, Kampala. With a robust background in Mathematics and Physics, Moses has garnered several educational accolades, showcasing his innate talent and dedication to his chosen fields of expertise. His teaching journey began nearly adecade ago, impacting countless students' lives by rekindling their passion for science and mathematics.

Transitioning to South Africa in 2017, Moses broadened his influence within the education sector. His acquisition of facilitator and assessor certifications further solidified his status as a formidable educator. Founding the Expert Hand Math Science Resource Hub, Moses has demonstrated exceptional skill in devising strategic, creative, and contextualized teaching methodologies. His approach not only revives students' aspirations but also positions him as a visionary in integrating educational psychology into traditional teaching paradigms.

Embarking on a self-publishing journey in 2023 with Alison, Moses aims to leverage hisprofound educational insights to transform more lives. His commitment to improving educational outcomes has led him to explore and provide services that extend beyond the classroom. Through his work, Moses aspires to create accessible, impactful learning experiences, blending his expertise in Mathematics, Physics, and educational psychology. Outside the realm of academia, Moses engages in digital marketing, graphic design, and public speaking, further enriching his diverse portfolio of talentsand services.

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    Mastering Influence in Sales

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    Mastering the art of Influence: Elevate your sales skills with our free online course and transform your world of sales.
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