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Human Talent Management

This free online course will introduce you to the process of acquiring qualified personnel based on your needs.

Publisher: NPTEL
Human talent management focuses on highlighting those people with high potential in their job. This course will teach you what human talent management is and how that fits into the human resources model. You will also learn about leadership and its application in the management of human talent. The differences between the acquisition and management of human talent and human resources will be discussed at length to give you an overall picture.
Human Talent Management
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Do you want the best people working for you? Of course you do! This course is designed to explain the merit and need for talent management. Learn the process of developing, attracting, and onboarding new employees to your company. Human talent management focuses on highlighting those people with high potential in their job. In the first part of the course, you will learn about the different types of employees that exist within a company. You will learn how to identify human talent and the necessary tools for it. Human talent managers are in charge of developing and incorporating into their company those workers who are considered to have exceptional talent and who are expected to carry out a better performance of their functions. They are a very valuable unit used to enhance the talent of employees. This course will allow you to learn the decisive and strategic importance of good human talent management for companies. You will study the key aspects to take into account in the strategic management of people aligned with business objectives.

In the second part of the course, you will learn about the correct identification of talent. You will learn how to acquire and develop human talent and what compensation or rewards can be paid to talented employees. Compensation is usually based on skill. You will learn about the different roles in talent management and some key aspects related to the leadership models of the management network such as the Fiedler contingency model and the Hersey-Blanchard model. You will also learn how to develop your own people-oriented and production-oriented leadership style. Roles, capabilities and people are what is known as the talent DNA which will be discussed throughout this course. Talent management is about developing people's capabilities, understanding their roles and developing people with the help of their skills and experience. Additionally, you will study how to convert decision-making skills and develop the competence of those decision-making skills to increase the performance of the company's personnel. You will know how to move from strategic HR to talent management by developing competence. You will study how to make your employees more efficient in the decision-making process through capacity development.

Finally, you will study the practice known as 'nurturing' the leaders of tomorrow through a healthy and appropriate organizational culture for the development and strengthening of business capacities aligned with the objectives of the company. This is a practice that many of the world's large companies already carry out through the processes of acquisition and management of human talent. You will know how to do this through financial strategies, marketing strategies, HR strategies, IT strategies, and operational strategies. Talent management has become even more important due to the growing recognition that it helps drive business performance. Do you want to know how to generate work climates where trust, motivation and respect are daily attitudes? Recent studies have shown that whenever an organization is involved in the talent management process, it is generating better corporate performance. You will learn that good talent management is not carried out in a fragmented way but consists of comprehensive development programs that will allow you to identify the potential leadership of your employees. This course is aimed at human resource managers and CEOs who wish to invest in the development of the human capital of their companies. Don't wait any longer, start the course now.

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