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Human Resource Policies and Organization Structure

Learn the step-by-step process of setting up and managing an organization structure in this free online course.

Publisher: Rajiv Misra
Businesses require structure to grow and be profitable. This free online course will introduce you to a step-by-step process for setting up a formal organizational structure and setting up bands and grades structures. Learn seven essential human resource processes to make your company competitive. This course is beneficial to owners of small and medium enterprises and human resource professionals who want to solidify their knowledge. Enrol now!
Human Resource Policies and Organization Structure
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Bands or Grades form part of methods to decide the seniority and expectations for a specific role. This free online course introduces you to grade and band structures and why they are necessary for a company. Discover a step-by-step method of setting up a grade and band structure. You will familiarize yourself with the various signs which tell you that your company needs effective human resource systems and processes. You will learn the seven essential human resource systems and processes that you must have in your company.

Having an organizational structure in place allows companies to remain efficient and focused. After subsequent sections of the course, you will better understand the organizational structure and see why it is essential for companies. You will also learn a step-by-step method to set up an organizational structure for your own company. Find out why human resource policies are vital in an organization, the twelve essential policies, and examine how to modify these policies to suit your organizational needs.

Having a solid band or grade structure will help highlight employees being under-compensated or over-compensated in their roles. Further on in the course, you will see examples of band structures and how it influences strategic compensation decisions. This course is beneficial to owners of small and medium enterprises, human resource professionals who want to broaden their knowledge on all aspects of the human resource domain. Signup for this course and start learning today!

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