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Established in 1994, Walkgrove is a bespoke e-learning and training solutions company run by training professionals. Working across 27 sectors and with over 300 clients, Walkgrove specialises in content development, Learning Management Systems and off-the-shelf courses. Their learning solutions have won awards across a variety of categories, including eLearning, eCommerce and Blended Solutions.

Walkgrove provide dedicated learning solutions which aim, above all else, to help clients improve their employee and business performances. From creating short one minute video classes, to providing hundreds of hours of training material, Walkgrove provides the resources you need to guarantee your staff are functioning at the required levels.

Teaming with Alison, Walkgrove have created a series of courses dedicated to workplace success, ranging from essential management skills to effective communication. All Walkgrove training solutions are created using their proven learning methodologies and are created in association with industry experts.