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Irish Transition Year: Local and Global Citizenship

A key goal of any Transition Year programme is empowering young people to become active citizens. This is achieved by helping them to understand social, environmental and economic issues at local, national and global level. Suitable subjects may include Environmental Studies, European Studies, Politics, and Society and Media Studies.

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Top Free Online Transition Year Local and Global Citizenship Courses

Environmental and Social Studies

This subject creates a perfect marriage of many other elements of TY programmes, combining aspects of Civics with history, science and geography as it seeks to prepare pupils to become active citizens, whether at local, national or international level. Pupils can undertake Environmental and Social Studies through a range of disciplines or by taking a theme. Their focus may include anything from history and heritage to their local landscape, environment and tourism from a geographical viewpoint. They may take a scientific approach to the environment, pollution, food production and so on, or look at systems of government, the EU, and rights and responsibilities. The world is your oyster when it comes to ESS with Alison.

Some key concepts:

  • Historical Studies: Local history, history of arts and crafts, archaeology, architecture, classical studies, social history and heritage studies.
  • Geographical Studies: The local landscape and environment, planning and development, and tourism awareness.
  • Science Studies: The practical applications of scientific principles and theories, the influence of science on industry and the environment, human beings and the biosphere, ecology, pollution, population trends and food production.

Civil, Social and Political Education

A fundamental aspect of any school’s Transition Year programme is furthering the goals of Civic, Social and Political Education. Chief among these is helping pupils to engage with human rights and responsibilities as they develop a sense of their place in the world and embrace participatory citizenship. With courses on Gender Discrimination, Community Development, Sociology and International Relations, Alison can help pupils to explore the major issues at individual, community, state and global level.

Some key concepts:

  • Human rights
  • Gender equity
  • Participatory citizenship
  • Individual, community, state and global interconnectedness

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