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Corruption in Context: Social, Economic and Political Dimensions

Learn about rule of law for corruption in the context of social, economic and political dimensions with this course.

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This free online corruption in context course teaches you about the social, economic and political dimensions of institutional and economic corruption. You will learn how corrupt practices by corporations and politicians have serious adverse effects on society at local, national, and international levels, often affecting the poor most severely. The course also covers how governments and international bodies try to fight against corruption.





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This free online course, "Corruption in Context: Social, Economic and Political Dimensions", will teach you about social corruption in society, from the drivers of corruption to political and economic views on corruption, and even corporate social responsibility.

The course starts with discussing the privately held power, the adverse effects of corruption, beginning with the four main concerns about corruption, along with the effects of corruption on human rights, gender equality and even climate change. You will learn about the prevalence of corruption throughout society with examples.

Next, you will learn about the historical development of transparency and international corruption laws in developing countries, and about different government officials' political views on the levels of corruption. The course also teaches you about Corporate Social Responsibility, how it was developed and its role in the fight against corruption to increase economic growth. Start this course today and learn about corruption in the context of social, economic and political dimensions.

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