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Drug-Free Workplace

Learn about drugs misuse and how to promote a drug-free work environment from this free online course.

Publisher: Walkgrove
In this free online Drug-Free Workplace training course, you will learn about the signs and impacts of drug misuse, the stages of drug addiction, the protocol for dealing with addiction, and what policies can be put in place to prevent drug misuse in the workplace. This online training course constitutes essential training required for staff awareness about drug misuse, and is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their workplace environment.
Drug-Free Workplace
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The free online Drug-Free Workplace program course, will teach you useful information on how to recognize the signs of drug abuse at your place of work and how to take steps to prevent its increase. You will be learning about the impacts of drug substance use at the workplace as it affects both the health and performance of workers amongst others and will study the policies that can be put in place to prevent drugs misuse.

Furthermore, this free online course explains the different stages of drug use addiction and various types of drugs, how to deal with these issues such as addiction, and the necessary employee education that needs to be provided to make the employees or workforce aware of drugs misuse and the associated problems. This online program course allows the learner to complete the modules at their own pace, with exercises within each module and a quiz at the end of each module.

This Drug Free Workplace program course will be of great interest to students, individuals, employers, HR managers, supervisors and professionals who aim to improve their knowledge of drug free workplace policy and deal with any related issues. Begin this online course today and start learning about workplace safety, drugs and the impact of drug abuse at the workplace.

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