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Segmentation and Demand Focusing in Marketing Analytics

Master the use of segmentation, targeting, positioning and demand focusing techniques in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Segmentation and Demand Focusing is a free marketing analytics course that offers an in-depth understanding of segmentation, targeting, positioning, as well as demand focusing. You will learn about geographic segmentation, as well as how to analyze customers' behaviour through factor analysis. You will also study cluster analysis steps and sales forecasting. Register for this course today to boost your digital marketing analytics skills.
Segmentation and Demand Focusing in Marketing Analytics
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    4-5 Hours
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Segmentation and Demand Focusing is a comprehensive guide to understanding the concepts of ‘customer segmentation’, ‘targeting positioning’, as well as ‘geographic segmentation’ in marketing analytics. This course will teach you the specific methodology of segmentation and targeting, as well as how important sales forecasting can be done. It begins with an analysis of setting a marking directory to a source file location and how to run different segments in marketing analytics. 

Next, you will learn about other related sales predictors in demand forecasting and pricing, as well as how consumers’ wants can be determined. You will also study the application of a classic case of pricing, as well as how to solve situations where multiple products are users’ preferences. Then you will discuss the features of the bundle pricing approach and how it can be used to solve multiple problems. Analyze the use of analytics to forecast demand, as well as how to use the concepts of ‘arima’ (autoregressive integrated moving average) and ‘arimax’ to take the time-series components. Finally, you will study how to solve practical problems with the clustering method in segmentation, targeting and positioning.

This free online course provides practical knowledge and applications with regard to segmentation, targeting, positioning, pricing as well as demand focusing in marketing analytics. Start your next learning journey now by registering for this course and upgrading your marketing analytics skills.

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