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Fundamentals of the Sales Funnel

Learn the art of selling as well as fundamental sales techniques for products and services with this free online course.

Publisher: Stone River eLearning
Fundamentals of the Sales Funnel is a free online course designed to help you understand the basic methods and techniques for conducting successful sales of products or services to customers. This sales course explains sales processes for capturing the hearts and minds of modern customers along with learning what motivates people to make a purchase, how to pitch what you are selling, get referrals, and seal the deal.
Fundamentals of the Sales Funnel
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In these modern times, almost everything involves some sort of selling - be it a brand, product or service to consumers, existing customers or other businesses. There are a host of basic sales tools you need to be aware of as a salesperson including product or service information. The basic sales process includes, how to make a good impression, knowing what the customer wants, how to hone your persuasion skills and how to seal the deal. This free online Fundamentals of the Sales Funnel course delves into the basic methods and techniques for conducting successful sales to a variety of different customer archetypes. You will learn how to convince traditional businesses to purchase your product or service using special marketing and sales approaches as well as sales tools to take that sale from “prospect” to “done”.

How you approach people and a great first impression are critical in the sales process because good rapport with someone could result in referrals to friends, family and acquaintances. This course covers the steps you need to take in order to ensure a good, lasting impression and amicable professional relationship that could result in future sales. In order to be an expert salesperson, you need to understand the basics of what motivates customers to part with their money for your product or service. The course content covers the psychological aspects of sales and how to put together quick, appropriate sales pitches when you are under pressure to get it done. You will learn how to sell by listening including how to identify customer problems and pain points to make sure the customer’s needs are met.

Understanding the personal qualities and methods it takes to make sales is a fundamental part of being a well-rounded, successful salesperson. You need to think of many potential scenarios, customers and everything in between in order to sell your product or service. This sales course covers every aspect and consideration you may have whether you are a seasoned salesperson or considering a career in sales. These skills can also be used in a variety of other jobs that require negotiation or persuasion in all their many forms and you should definitely enrol if you want to improve your sales- or interpersonal relationships as well.  

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