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Sales Techniques - Using Competitive Sales Strategies

Learn about competitive sales strategies to help you succeed with new customers.

Publisher: Channel 9
This free online course in sales techniques will teach you how to use competitive sales strategies, how to negotiate in mutual interest and how to write superior sales proposals. Selling is an essential to the success of any business. This free online course will teach you about what compels customers to make a purchase, customer politics and buying cycles. Take this course today to improve your abilities as a salesman
Sales Techniques - Using Competitive Sales Strategies
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Learn about selling with this online course Sales Techniques - Using Competitive Sales Strategies. You will learn about a customer’s compelling need to buy, their buying cycle. You will learn about who your competitors can be. You will learn about negotiating mutual interest, and qualifying your solution for the customer.

The course starts off with introducing you to the customers compelling need to buy, and what the compelling need is. You will learn about what the usual sales focus is on, focusing on your customer’s perspective of value. The course will teach you about customer politics and people with influence in the customer’s company, the customer buying cycle and what starts it off. Along with the sales cycle and its stages matching to different stages in the buying cycle.

In the second module you will be introduced to, competitive sale strategies. The course will teach about who your competitors can be, to understand your competitors just as much as your own business. You will learn about negotiating mutual interest for you and the customer. You will learn about how and what will make your negotiating mutual. You will learn about qualifying opportunities, what qualifies your solution as the right one for the customer. Finally, you will learn about writing a proposal, you will learn about the best practices for a proposal.

This course would be of great interest to sales people, entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone looking to gain/improve their capability’s and skills in sales.

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