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Unlock Your Potential: Learner Success Stories

Millions of learners around the world have used our free online courses to empower their lives and their communities. As one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training, we’ve equipped tenacious self-starters like student Kelia Conteh Jr. in Sierra Leone and social entrepreneurs like Wahab ur Rehman, who is helping transform food hygiene in Pakistan. Read their inspirational stories and discover how we can support your educational or career journey too! This could be the beginning of your own success story!

Upskilling While Employed: A Journey of Continuous Learning with Alison
Defying the Odds: Kelia Conteh Jr. CEM’s Journey Through Online Learning
Beyond the Classroom: How Ousmane Dienne Maximized His Learning with Alison
Breaking Language Barriers: Sankoumba Kourouma’s Journey with Alison
A Teacher’s Transformation: How Ousmane Diallo Found Value in Alison’s Free Courses
From Construction to Freelance: How Gilbert Upgraded His Skills with Alison
From Classroom to Keyboard: How Moustapha Enhanced His Skills with Alison
Nico Wyngaard: “I love that Alison facilitates industry professionals to create course content as these professionals know exactly what is happening in their industries.”
Anderson Mapfumo: “I was inspired by the way Alison offers courses for free. Knowledge is power and it is priceless.”
Ashitiva Ghai: “Alison’s philosophy that learning has the ability to change lives keeps me motivated.”