Online learning has quickly been adopted as the preferred method of learning for many individuals. A wide range of courses, flexibility, opportunities to advance your career, and discover new hobbies or subjects. These are just a few of the reasons why online learning is gaining popularity. This month, we’re shining our Alison Learner Spotlight on Nwachukwu Chibuike from Nigeria, who has completed over 100 courses on Alison. This is his story.

What is your current role?

I do multiple jobs. First, I am a writer, public speaker, peer educators trainer and finally a pharmacy technician through Alison’s super platform.

How did you find out about Alison?

I found out about Alison through a Google search by surfing the internet to find free online courses.

What made you choose to study with Alison?

Alison’s courses are rich in content and free.

What courses did you do?

I did a lot of courses in Alison. To date, I have done 103 diploma and certificate courses with Alison. 

Actually,  one of the first courses I took was a certificate course in Advanced Analytical Chemistry, Diploma in High School Chemistry, Diploma in Applied Chemistry, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, CPR, Diploma in BiologyDiploma in Mathematics, Diploma in International Convention and Maritime Law, Diploma in Modern Human Resources Management etc.

How much time per week did you spend studying?

Three hours. Sometimes four hours.

How did the courses you completed prepare and help you in your career?

It equipped me to be multifunctional and to better adapt to changing times. I feel confident to face the future.

What skills or knowledge did you learn throughout the programme that you found most helpful in your career?

I learnt how to dispense drugs, how to avoid medical and medication errors. I also learnt the processes of how to compound drugs.

Did you experience any challenges while completing the course?

Yes. The challenges are internet failures, low data bundles, and power outages. Other times, the challenges are making time to read after work and other family challenges such as doing chores. It’s not really easy, it is just determination and consistency. Again knowing what you want in life and being self-motivated.

Are there any other courses you’d like to study through Alison?

Yes. Principles of Epidemiology and the Diploma in Dental Assistants.

What advice can you give to prospective Alison learners?

Alison provides support to those who lack funds to further their education through the traditional system. My advice to them is to take Alison’s courses seriously as the courses they get here are rich in information and current.

How do you stay motivated during studying?

Alison’s courses are highly engaging and very easy to access.

Studying for one degree, diploma or course is an achievement. Completing 103, with a desire to complete more is nothing short of inspirational.  Nwachukwu’s fierce determination, hunger for knowledge, and passion for learning are something that we can all draw from. What better time to sign up for a few courses and add them to your profile? With over 4000 courses available on Alison’s platform, you won’t run out of choices.

If you’d like to share your Alison success story with other students, comment below and who knows, we could shine our learner spotlight on you next.



  1. Nwachukwu CHIBUIKE

    Nice effort and sacrifice

  2. Friday Ojonimi Ameh

    I have been learning on the Alison Platform since 2020 and I have been able to complete over 50 courses since then. Alison courses are easy to understand. Thank you Alison for the opportunity


    Alison requires effort, time, energy and consistency. College degrees are expensive. So, taking alison courses is cost effective. I did pharmacy technician and clinical nursing. This courses are totally exorbitant but alion subsidized it.


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