Meet Ousmane: The Government Worker with a Thirst for Knowledge

Ousmane Dienne lives in Senegal and works for the government. He was introduced to Alison by his brother while studying English at university.

Learning on Alison has helped him polish his English skills, especially in listening, reading, and speaking. He believes that the knowledge he gained from our courses went well beyond what he was learning in his university classes.

The World at Your Fingertips: Ousmane’s View on Alison’s Offerings

Before long, Ousmane discovered that our courses go beyond language learning; our platform has loads of different subjects. From IT to Health and Business to Engineering, we have something for everyone.

Ousmane wants everyone to embrace online learning and to check out our free online courses. In his eyes, it’s a golden chance to learn something new.

Watch the video below to see how Alison empowered Ousmane:

If you, like Ousmane, are looking to learn new skills or polish the ones you already have, join Alison and get access to thousands of free courses and professional tools.



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