A Man of Many Talents: Meet Moustapha Lo

Moustapha Lo is a busy guy! He’s a teacher at the African Institute of Management in Senegal and also runs his own business. Being a man of many talents, Moustapha understands the importance of honing your talents to succeed in both life and work. While working towards his Master’s Degree in International Business, he started looking for more ways to learn.

The Quest for Learning: How Moustapha Found Alison

Not wanting to waste any time, Moustapha searched online for PhD scholarships and free courses. That’s when he came across Alison and found it rather appealing. Already having a background in Islamic Banking and Finance, Moustapha decided to take a relevant course on Alison. He found it eye-opening to compare the course content to what he already knew. In less than five hours, he got a solid foundation in Islamic Banking.

The Payoff: A Boosted CV and Renewed Passion

This course did wonders for Moustapha. Not only could he add it to his CV, but it also sparked a newfound interest in online learning.

Watch the below video to see how Alison empowered Moustapha:


If you, like Moustapha, are looking to learn new skills or polish the ones you already have, join Alison and get access to thousands of free courses and professional tools.



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