John Taylor is an Alison Graduate who managed a miraculous career change in just a few months thanks to Alison’s free online learning. By upskilling in software and programming, John found a new career after working as a motor mechanic for over twenty years.

“My name is John Taylor. I’m 43 years old. On 13th December 2019, the year ended very badly when the company I worked for closed its doors. The whole of 2020 was just a disaster, and Covid-19 didn’t make it any easier. I was a motor mechanic for over 22 years and now I didn’t know what to do next. I was all out of hope. Ways of making a living have changed very rapidly. I couldn’t find work as a motor mechanic and so I had to consider a career change.

 And that’s just what I did. My friend, and now my boss, Huw Simpson, came up with the idea of me following a new direction and changing my career.

The thought was very scary, but I have been working with computers as a hobby all my life and so turning that into a career seemed like the best option for me. I got offered a job but first I needed competency in software testing, HTML and CSS and I had neither any experience nor knowledge in that area.

Not knowing where to start, I began to search the internet. As I browsed through Facebook, I came across Alison and I immediately had to see what it was all about. I used my Facebook to create an Alison account and started learning. I began with Introduction to Software Testing.


The layout was very clear and very well presented and, as a result, I pushed through. I started to move on to more advanced courses, like HTML and CSS. The Channel 9 course layout was brilliant and I could see that Alison only offers the best. The knowledge I built up through Alison helped me follow this new direction. Alison is a truly powerful enabler.  

Within three months, doors just started opening. My friend, Huw, saw my potential and dedication and took me on as an intern. The Alison courses I had completed showed them my willingness to learn and they accepted my Alison certification. From not knowing where to go or how to provide for my family, Alison opened doors that I never thought possible. I am now working for a private programmer and will soon be moving from software testing to programming. I still have to learn JavaScript and F# and right now I’m studying the Diploma in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Alison is one of the best things that have happened to me. It changed my opportunities in life. If you are driven and motivated, Alison is the place to be.”

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