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Channel 9 is a Microsoft community site created in 2004. Originally launched as the company's blog, Channel 9 is run by developers and tech enthusiasts within Microsoft with the intention of letting those outside the company access the conversations going on within the tech giant. Channel 9 now hosts video channels, podcasts and interviews with key players in the tech industry.

Based on the content generated by the discussions among Microsoft employees, Channel 9 has created a series of courses that cover a wide range of computer science topics, from web page design to coding and from database admin to network security.

Drawing on expertise from a world leader in computing, Channel 9's courses provide learners with the most up to date information on developments and trends within the world of IT. As the courses are drawn from content generated by Microsoft employees, the courses have a strong focus on real workplace skills and are invaluable for growing the skills you need to thrive in the modern work environment.

Free, Online Courses Published by Channel 9

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