Thanks to advances in technology, education is within reach of anyone, wherever they are in the world. This means that obstacles that made learning difficult before are no longer in the way of individuals pursuing their dreams and taking leaps in their careers and goals. At the recent eLearning Africa Conference, Alison, along with many other delegates came together to discuss and share ideas around how education is making a difference in people’s lives. We met some of the graduates and heard from them how Alison is changing lives through eLearning in Uganda. 

Akol Paul

Akol is a student at Makerere University. He learned about Alison through a friend in Nigeria who told him that it’s a way for him to achieve his dreams. He enrolled in the Maritime Logistics course which helped his knowledge and understanding of management and enriched his current studies in varsity. He encourages those at home without funds to study further to enrol in Alison – any course – and study with the convenience of being at home.

Ajuna Lillian


Sadres Twinomugisha

Sadres is a Records and Information Manager and works for the Uganda National Authority. She discovered Alison during the covid-19 after data laws came into effect. She decided to study to equip herself through the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) course to better understand what the law says about data information and its protection. Through this, Sadres is now at the forefront of sensitising data protection in her organisation.

David Livingsone Eseru


Daniel Guma

Daniel is a qualified Alison publishing contractor and completed Alison’s Publisher Tool Training. He told us that what made Alison stand out is that it offers its learners full access to the material – for free. Prior to this, he was unemployed for three years. He enrolled with Alison because he wanted to improve his competency levels and develop new skills which would enable him to apply for and get new opportunities. He completed courses in Supervision and Managing Groups and Employees

Najeeb Kasule


Allan Kaheeru

Allan works as a Senior Credit Officer. He is proud that he is an Alison graduate because the courses have given him a platform to educate himself studying supervision and logistics. He credits Alison and his studying as being fundamental to his recent promotion.

Benefits of using Alison as an eLearning Platform

  • Not limited to the classroom – study anywhere
  • Time efficient
  • Accommodates all learning styles
  • Flexibility to study at your own pace
  • Updated and accessible content
  • Over 4000+ free courses to choose from

Alison’s platform has enlarged the learning experience for all its students. Like our graduates, the material and skills acquired open the doors to new opportunities and the confidence to execute your work.

Alison eLearning Tools To Develop Your Career

We know that growing and making changes to your career doesn’t end with your valuable certificate or diploma. You also need to be empowered by knowing and understanding your specific skills, strengths and weaknesses. 

Mental Health Assessment

Work is good. It can get overwhelming and burdensome when you feel you can no longer cope. A stressful work environment can affect productivity and negatively impact your physical health and mental wellbeing. Paying attention to and taking care of your mental health is important. Our assessment tool supports your journey and offers guidance and to help get you into a positive and healthy mental space.

Workplace Personality Assessment

Our Workplace Personality Assessment is designed to help you discover your strengths, weaknesses, and unearth skills that may need some polishing. You also receive a list of suggested courses that will cultivate your strong areas and nourish your weaker areas. All to ensure your success and growth in whatever career path you choose.

We believe that “sharing is caring” is not limited to things like food. If you also decide to join our Affiliate Programme, you can share who we are and what we do with those you know so that they too can be empowered. 


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