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Unlock Your Potential: Learner Success Stories

Millions of learners around the world have used our free online courses to empower their lives and their communities. As one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training, we’ve equipped tenacious self-starters like student Kelia Conteh Jr. in Sierra Leone and social entrepreneurs like Wahab ur Rehman, who is helping transform food hygiene in Pakistan. Read their inspirational stories and discover how we can support your educational or career journey too! This could be the beginning of your own success story!

Ivy Makoni: “Alison opens the door to education for everyone for free.”
Sylvia Kaur: “Alison courses have been invaluable in helping me to carry out my work effectively.”
Sunil Sarad: “Alison courses are specific, relevant and concise.”
Renata Nascimento: “I was going through a period of depression and the only way I felt better was by studying. Alison helped me.”
Dorothy Akende: “Whatever Alison course you choose, the materials are informative.”
Konstantinos Vichoudis: “I recommend Alison because of their mission: innovation, inclusivity, knowledge, empowerment.”
Fred Marata: “l have studied 84 Alison courses and gained 84 certificates!”
Amgad Mohammed: “Alison courses have changed how I think about management.”
James Maina: “Through Alison I received a new job as a Procurement Officer.”
Fatima Mahmood: “Alison offers quality educational material with very good evaluation criteria.”
Meet 7 year old Ehan – Alison graduate and future NASA engineer
Thiha Kaung Set: “Before Alison, I was just a job seeker. Now, I am the Manager of a Local NGO.”
Abiola Ajibade: “I strongly recommend Alison because of the rich range of courses.”
Lwando Simane: “Alison can help transform dreams into a reality.”
Hazel Kendrick: “Alison courses help me to improve my teaching skills.”
Joy Cherotich: “Alison educated me by offering me free courses!”
Wimarshana Senavirathana: “Alison is the best online learning institute for businessmen around the world.”
Esther Ibanga: “Alison courses have improved my ability to develop effective strategies for managing complex technical projects.”