As the director of a company, Wimarshana Senavirathna doesn’t have the time to commit to a course that can’t work to his schedule. With Alison, Wimarshana was able to learn flexibly and, through his newfound knowledge, expand his engineering business nationwide across Sri Lanka.

“My name is Senavirathnage Ranil Wimarshana Senavirathna. I’m a mechanical engineer in Sri Lanka and a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. I have eighteen years of experience with reputable organisations, including international companies and the Sri Lankan government.


Currently, I’m the Managing Director of United Cam Engineering Pvt Ltd in Sri Lanka. I have already earned three Diplomas with Alison. At the moment, I’m studying for my MBA as well as taking Alison courses in Water Plants and Wastewater Treatment.


I learned about Alison courses online and the first course I took was Mechanical Engineering – Internal Combustion Engine. I run my own company and, as the Managing Director, I haven’t the time to attend a full-time education course. Alison is the best online learning institute for businessmen around the world. I gained quality knowledge through my Alison Diploma and then I increased my business island-wide across Sri Lanka.

I highly recommended Alison to everyone worldwide. It’s the best way to gain quality education and professional knowledge. Alison is never a waste of your time or money. Alison’s certificates, diplomas and courses are increasing the knowledge of people all over the world.”

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  1. Mwinchande Nuhu

    I am Tanzanian graduate Alison Diploam in Food skills and Techniques, I am really proud to be one omong the Team who gradute in Alison.


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