Hazel Kendrick is a lecturer in Business Management in South Africa and finds that Alison’s online courses allow her to stay up to date with her teaching methods. As well as being an Alison learner, Hazel also teaches online and recommends Alison courses to her students. 

“My name is Hazel Kendrick. I am a lecturer in Business Management at Damelin College in Cape Town, South Africa. I also tutor students online on a one to one basis. I learned about Alison online and my first course was the Introduction to the Learning Process for Teachers and Trainers.

I followed this up with other teaching courses to help me improve my teaching skills for my Business Management programme, as well as for my online teaching. I also took the Diploma in Human Resources, which helped me tremendously. I enjoy keeping up to date and Alison allows me to learn new skills.


I’m continuing to upgrade my skillset by taking more courses whenever time permits me to do so. I’d love to take some IT courses. I also write articles for StuDoc.com.

I always recommend Alison to my friends and family and even to some of my student so that they can enhance their skills.”

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