Thiha Kaung Set is an Alison Learner from Myanmar. Thiha has completed over thirty courses with Alison across a wide range of areas. His newfound skills and knowledge have resulted not only in a job, but in the opportunity to share his learning with others through his work with an NGO focused on empowerment and development.

“My name is Thiha Kaung Set. I am a Manager and Trainer at SEED for Myanmar, which is a registered, youth-led social impact organization in Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar. (SEED stands for Scalable Engagement, Empowerment & Development.) I also work as a freelance trainer and facilitator. 


I have been learning with Alison since 2015. The first course I took from Alison was the Diploma in Human Resources which was recommended to me by my brother. I am a graduate who finished school with a Bachelor of Technology but I am really interested in Management. I decided I wanted to change my learning and career path so I started learning Management with Alison.


Before studying with Alison, I was just a job seeker who was looking for a job. Now, I have finished over thirty courses from Alison and I am the Manager of a Local NGO in Myanmar.

I am going to learn everything from Alison which can help me to expand my knowledge and to develop my skills. Currently, I am preparing to learn some Entrepreneurship courses with Alison. If someone asks me to recommend the best place to study, I recommend Alison. Alison can help you a lot, not just in learning but also in career development.”

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