It’s been said that the more you know, the more you will grow. As you grow, so will the opportunities available to you begin to open. Free education, through Alison’s platform, is one way to encourage and empower individuals from all walks of life to change their lives and their future. Recently, Alison joined hundreds of delegates at the annual eLearning Africa Conference to discuss how education can impact the lives of ordinary people throughout Africa. One of the stops the Alison team made on their journey across east Africa was in Kenya. Here, we met some of Alison’s graduates and heard how Alison is changing their lives through eLearning. Let’s meet some of our amazing learners from Kenya.

Bonfice KibisuAlison courses “are very educational and very helpful to both careers and effectiveness of the worker…”

Bonfice works in the Safety Department in the aviation industry and has completed a Project Management and Operations Management courses with Alison which have both been key in his career growth. These not only added to his resume but also improved his effectiveness at work.

Kelvin Kamau Jedida


Peter Mwangi“Alison…it’s a great platform. It’s free.”

Peter is an ICT student but is a passionate hotelier at heart. To fuel his passion for the industry, he completed a course in hospitality management and feels one step closer to achieving his dream of working as a hotelier.

Florence Riaga“I’ve seen a lot of impact in my short courses with Alison.”

Florence is a nurse working in the TB/HIV Department. She came to learn about Alison in 2015 when she was searching for eLearning courses in her field to help her in her career and care for her patients. Her studies have greatly improved her skills which she’s now able to apply to her job.

Sharlene Mbori “…you are really missing out if you are not on Alison.”

Sharlene’s mother introduced her to Alison after completing her high school education and felt indecisive about what she wanted to do. Through the many courses available on our platform, she found her passion for interior design and is proud to have her certificate.

Gilbert Namutali


We met many students, all studying various courses like photo journalist Wilden Ratemo who used our variety of courses to capture many moments that tell a story.

Advantages of eLearning With Alison

  • Free courses, certificates, and diplomas
  • Suits all learning styles
  • Study anywhere and anytime
  • Accredited courses
  • Acquired skills sets you up for career growth
  • Flexible study solutions

Alison’s platform has various products to help you take the next step in your career. From those newly entering the job market, those looking to make a career change or simply upskill their skillset, and improving the CV, we have the tools you need to get you there.

Alison Tools To Enhance Your Studies

The workplace is not always easy to navigate. We help you discover your strengths and weaknesses, your working styles and more and recommend several courses that will help you improve, enhance, and grow in the various areas.

Your mental wellbeing is an important factor in ensuring you’re the best version of yourself at home, work, and at play. Sometimes it all gets too much and can be overwhelming to cope with it all. This tool helps assess where you are and offers ways and means to help you get better.

Like our graduates in Kenya, you too can take advantage of Alison’s eLearning platform to grow and catapult you to success. So, whether you want to earn and learn with our Affiliate Programme, learn a new hobby, or equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to make that career switch, you can. 


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