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Sales Management - Business Ethics and Sales - Revised

Learn more about the theory and practice of business ethics relating to sales, with this free online course.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
This free online course in sales management will teach you about business ethics and sales. Management needs to ensure that all employees have a good understanding of the proper behaviour and etiquette that is expected from them in a sales environment. This business ethics course will teach you how to make a positive impression on your customers, and will guide you through some effective communication techniques essential to the sales industry.
Sales Management - Business Ethics and Sales - Revised
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Ethics are a system of moral principles that define right and wrong and provide a guiding philosophy for every decision people make. The consequences of unethical behaviour can range from embarrassment to suspension, loss of a job, or even jail time, depending on the act. This course will give you a deeper understanding of ethics and ethical behaviour. You will also learn the role of values in personal and work-related ethics.

The way you communicate can determine the level of trust that your colleagues or customers have in you. This course will teach you the elements of effective business communication. It will also discuss the appropriate etiquette that must be observed in business communication. The implications of the different types of verbal and nonverbal communication will also be covered. You will then study informational interviews and how they can help in a career search.

The course then covers the important topics of consumer behaviour and the buying process. You will study the different types of customers and buyers, the role of emotion in buying, and the steps in the buying process. Finally, you will learn how the FAB process - which stands for Feature, Advantage, and Benefit - can create an emotional appeal for your customers. These are really useful pieces of information that will be a great boost for your career. So why wait? Start your next learning journey, today.

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